Celebrate Mother’s Day with TOWER Freezer Labels

How organised do you want to be? Well, we made TOWER Freezer Labels for your convenience. Ever think about your drive home as your day comes to an end? We all do. And in that time the biggest question is what’s for dinner? As you mull over takeaways for the third time this week, you […]

Happy Easter Crafting with TOWER

Whether you’re decorating your Easter table, organising an egg hunt for the kids or creating gifts for your clients, there’s nothing quite like adding your own personal touch to your Easter creations. Here are five DIY Easter ideas that will help you to create happy memories that last much longer than chocolate! Easy Easter labels […]

Unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with romance, roses, chocolates, teddy bears and cards that express our feelings for the ones we love. This year, why don’t you add something new to the mix? Here are three fun and creative ways to celebrate this special day with your favourite person – or a new crush. But before […]

DIY Christmas Crafts

Are your tree ornaments looking a little worn around the edges? Do you need some fun, affordable activities to keep the kids busy during the long December holidays? Or are you keen to get creative and craft away the year’s work stress? Here are some great DIY Christmas decoration and craft ideas that are easy […]

Get a 10% Early Bird Discount on your School Labels!

https://www.towerproducts.co.za/wp-admin/How many school items have you replaced this year? Uniforms, bags, shoes and juice bottles all look the same – and it’s so easy for these to get mixed up or go missing when they’re not clearly and securely labelled. With My TOWER Labels, you can avoid the expense and frustration of buying essential school […]

Prep for success with TOWER freezer labels

Have you been following the meal prepping trend on social media? Meal preppers set aside a few hours every week to prepare delicious, nutritious and cost-effective meals for several days in a row and then stack them neatly in their freezers. Often, meal preppers cook and store an entire week’s worth of meals in one […]

Signs for your grey water system or rain tank

As South Africa faces a growing water crisis, communities around the country have been forced to rethink the way that they use water. In Cape Town, for example, inadequate rainfall and swiftly declining dam levels have led to a serious drought in the area. To preserve fast-dwindling water reserves, the Cape Town Department of Water […]

Upcycle your rug with Suzelle DIY and TOWER Labels

Does your lounge or bedroom need some brightening up this winter? Do you have a monochromatic grey, white, beige or other plain-coloured rug that’s gathering dust at your feet? With a few TOWER labels, some masking tape, a few well-chosen paint colours and a little bit of creativity, you could transform your boring carpet into […]

Crafty Father’s Day Gifts

If dad is a DIY enthusiast, he is likely to be touched by a Father’s Day gift that you have conceived and crafted yourself – or helped your kids to create. Even if you simply design your own card and combine this with a store-bought present, you’ll not only be showing him that you spent […]

DIY Mother’s Day gifts

“A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” —Tenneva Jordan One of the things that makes moms so special is their tendency to put their loved ones’ needs before their own. But there’s one day of the year […]