10 uses for colour code labels

Add some colour to your day or get your affairs in order with the versatile range of Colour Code Labels from Tower. These user-friendly rolls of self-adhesive stickers are available in circles or rectangles, in a wide array of sizes and colours – making them ideal for a vast range of applications.

Whether you want to organise your life or to express your creativity, here are ten uses for colour code labels.

  1. Categorise your to-do list

Go through your to-do list and divide up the tasks according to their urgency or due date. Use one colour for tasks that need to be ticked off today, another colour for those that are due by the end of the week, and so forth. You’ll be amazed at how much more manageable your list will be when you can clearly see where your priorities lie.

  1. Stock take in style

Colour code labels can be of great value in the stock taking process. Use different colours to label products that have been counted or should not be counted, merchandise that has been damaged, items that have been invoiced to a customer but are still waiting in the warehouse, and so on. If you have several employees involved in your stock take, you could also ask each person to identify the items that they have counted with a specific colour. This will all help to ensure that your inventory records are as accurate as possible.

  1. Highlight areas on maps

Use colour code labels to highlight important locations on maps, using different hues to identify different types of locations. If you’re using a map while travelling, for instance, you could use different coloured labels to plan your route or to indicate places of interest – using separate colours for restaurants, museums, activity destinations and so forth.

  1. Mark merchandise

Colour code labels can be used to mark prices on products in a retail setting or to identify different types of products in store. For instance, red dots could signify items on promotion, green dots could signify environmentally friendly items and yellow dots could signify items that are recommended by staff, and so forth.

  1. Identify items for repair

Colour code labels are often used by auto mechanics and seamstresses to mark areas that need to be repaired. In the same way, you could use colour code labels in your home renovation project, to mark nails that need to be removed, cracks that need to be filled and sections of wall that need to be painted.

  1. Create artworks

Colour code labels have creative uses too. You could use a range of different colours together to create patterns or pictures, similar to a mosaic or collage. Take your cue from the famous artists Georges Seurat and Paul Signac, who developed Pointillism – a painting technique that uses small dots of colour to build up an image.

  1. Wrap gifts in style

Replace sticky tape with colour code labels when wrapping gifts. Choose a hue that matches or contrasts well with your wrapping paper for the best effect. You could also use these labels to decorate cards and gift tags.

  1. Encourage kids to be creative

Most children love stickers! What is wonderful about colour code labels is that they inspire your little one to be more creative as they do not come printed with images. Get your young artist to create his or own images or patterns on paper or cardboard with a range of different coloured dots and rectangles and use these artworks for gift cards or to decorate bedroom walls.

  1. Organise your desk

Get your paperwork, files and in-tray in order with colour code labels. Use them to categorise pages in your notebook by sticking them to the edge of a page and then folding them over so that the two halves stick together and they act as a bookmark. You can also use dots of different colours to identify items in your in-tray that are urgent, awaiting feedback, due for the end of the month, or complete.

  1. Organise your home

Use self-adhesive dots to categorise and label different items in your kitchen. You could use them on canister lids to mark different types of tea, for instance; or items that have been purchased for a member of the family who has specific dietary requirements.

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