Be a winter winner with Tower A4 Printable Labels

The days are getting colder and the nights longer. Before the chilly or wet winter weather really sets in, here are some ways to prepare your kitchen, linen cupboard, medicine cabinet and family for the coldest months of the year.

By using Tower A4 printable products and templates, you can make sure that your home is fully organised and that essential winter items – like flu remedies, extra blankets and torches – can be easily located in an emergency.

Stock your pantry
Prepare for those rainy evenings and wet weekends when you don’t feel like leaving the house to shop for groceries. Stock your pantry with dry goods that can be used to make healthy meals, including a good selection of dried herbs, tinned tomatoes, bottled sauces and other kitchen staples. Don’t forget a few treats for those cosy nights on the couch or in front of the fire.

With all the extra goodies in your pantry or grocery cupboard, it will be more important than ever to keep things organised and clearly labelled. Tower offers inkjet-laser labels, FREE predesigned templates and FREE A4 label templates that can be customised using Microsoft Word 2007 upwards. Design and print your own labels with ease!

Fill your freezer
As the cold rolls in, many of us feel a little lazier in the kitchen. Instead of resorting to supermarket ready-meals on busy winter work nights, rather stock your freezer with healthy and wholesome homemade dinners.

Set aside a Saturday or Sunday to cook a range of freezer-friendly family meals such as soups, lasagnes and casseroles. These will be heartily appreciated when no-one feels like cooking or when you’re down with flu.

Make sure that you clearly label each meal, including the date on which it was prepared so that you eat the meals in the right order, starting with those you prepared first.

Protect winter uniforms
With My Tower Labels, you can mark and protect every school uniform item clearly with your own personalised and professionally printed labels to ensure your child doesn’t lose precious jerseys, long trousers, rain coats and warm socks during the chillier months.

My Tower Labels offers a simple and durable labelling solution for all your school clothing items including iron-on labels and shoe labels. There are also stationery and book labels in the range.

De-clutter your medicine cabinet
In order to ensure that you are fully prepared for flu season, set a few hours aside to clear out and re-organise your medicine cabinet. Start by taking everything out of your cabinet and check that nothing has been kept beyond its best-before date. Take stock of what you have and write a list of items you need – such as extra vitamin C and zinc, which help to boost the immune system.

Then, pack everything back neatly and in a logical order. You may want to divide items into categories such as vitamins and supplements / first aid materials / flu medicines / children’s remedies / and so forth. Label the relevant shelves or storage containers clearly so that you can find necessary items quickly in an emergency or when someone is feeling under the weather.

Reinvent your linen cupboard
There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find matching pillowcases in a stack of neatly folded laundry, or searching for winter sheets buried under a pile of summer linen. Now is a good time to sort through your linen cupboard and separate items for winter and summer use.

Pack your winter sheets, duvet inners and other important items on the shelves that are easy to access; ordering everything according to bed size. Then create a Tower label for each pile (attaching it to the shelf or drawer) so that you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Blackout emergency kit
Lastly, don’t forget to prepare for mid-winter electricity cuts or black-outs during storms by putting together a power shortage emergency kit. You’ll need torches, extra batteries, candles and matches – and perhaps a board game to play by candlelight!

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