The benefits of water play in early childhood

Early childhood is a crucial stage in both psychological and physical development, which is why it is imperative that parents and caretakers seize every possible chance for learning. One of these opportunities for learning that frequently goes unappreciated is water play. Here are some ways supervised water play will help your child’s development.

Social and emotional development
The first and most obvious benefit is that supervised water play is a healthy way for children to expend energy. Whether they are energetic and active or more sedate and relaxed, interacting with water teaches children how to relieve tension and express themselves emotionally in a safe way.

Physical development
Hand-eye coordination is a vital aspect of childhood development. When your child plays with toys in the water, for example, they are forced not only on holding or grabbing the toys, but on working to predict the effect the water might have on these toys as a direct result of their movement. Gross motor skills can also be developed with activities like jumping through a sprinkler or dodging a stream of water from a hose pipe.

Stimulate creativity
Part of growing up is creating imaginary worlds and characters in games, but this isn’t limited to activities on dry land. Water creates a different environment for children to incorporate a different aspect to their games and as a result, develops their problem-solving skills.

Playing with water gives children the chance to begin to understand concepts that adults could take for granted. Ideas such as empty/full, more/less, many/few can be explained and understood using practical applications using water. This is a safe, simple and inexpensive learning opportunity.

Tips for successful water play
There are many more benefits of water play in childhood development than the ones mentioned here. TOWER Kids has created a range of colourful toys and games for children to develop these aspects with helpful tips and instructions for parents and caretakers to ensure the activities remain safe. To find out more about the TOWER Kids Splash ‘n Learn products, visit our website today:

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