Crafty Father’s Day Gifts

If dad is a DIY enthusiast, he is likely to be touched by a Father’s Day gift that you have conceived and crafted yourself – or helped your kids to create. Even if you simply design your own card and combine this with a store-bought present, you’ll not only be showing him that you spent time making something personal, but you’re also likely to save some cash.

Here are five easy, hands-on Father’s Day gift ideas that won’t stretch your budget:

  1. Dad-friendly treat hamper

    Buy a few goodies that dad can’t get enough of (whether he is into biltong, toffees, popcorn or chocolates), decant these into clear glass jars and then design and print your own personalised jar labels using TOWER’s inkjet laser label range. Tower Templates are featured on Microsoft Office 2007 and upwards, so simply choose your template to customise, then print at home or the office. Once all your goodie jars are made up, pile them into a manly basket or crate.

  1. Create a photo card

    Select your favourite family snap or scan in a picture that the kids have drawn for dad; and the use this to design your own custom, high quality Father’s Day card. Simply print this photo or visual out on TOWER’s photo quality paper at home to create a card – and then use the cash you would have spent buying one to treat dad to something tasty for Father’s Day breakfast instead.

  1. Choco-gram

    If the dad in your life has a sweet tooth, this is a great way to make him feel very special on Father’s Day morning. Buy an assortment of branded chocolate bars and sweets, and use these to substitute words on a big Father’s Day letter or poem that has been created on a sheet of sturdy A3 cardboard. Get your kids involved and have fun! (For example, you could thank dad for being a “Lifesaver” and for never “Flake”ing out on you.)

  1. Dad-time vouchers

    Every dad needs some regular time out, whether he goes fishing, plays the odd round of golf or spends Saturday afternoons on the couch watching rugby instead of kiddie cartoons. Buying him accessories for his chosen hobby can get pricey, so why not consider giving him the gift of time-out instead? Ask your children to help you to put together a DIY booklet of Dad-time vouchers, which entitle dad to mornings, afternoons and days off to do his favourite things. You could even throw in the odd foot-rub or head-scratch coupon.

  1. Dad tunes

    How many times have you asked dad to turn down his music or change the CD that he is playing in the car for a more family-friendly album? Why not give dad a music pass on Father’s Day and put together all his favourite tracks onto one CD – which he can play all day. With TOWER CD/DVD jewel case inserts, you can create personalised inserts for the front and back of CD/DVD cases that are printable on one A4 using any inkjet or laser printer.


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