Design your own business cards & other card crafts

A well-designed business card can be powerful marketing tool. This little keepsake is your chance to make a memorable first impression and encourage clients to keep your contact details handy.

That said, if you’re running a small business or freelance operation, there is no need to waste precious resources on a costly design and printing service. Do-it-yourself business cards can be the perfect solution for the entrepreneur who wants to come across as professional without overspending.

Business cards on a budget

Tower offers you the opportunity to cost-effectively design and print your own high quality business cards. Our smart business card service offers you a rage of expertly designed templates to choose from, as well as the option to use your own custom layout.

You can also print out your designs in your office or at home using our sturdy, high quality business card sheets, which are clean cut for easy removal after printing. Depending on your layout, these can be printed on both sides. So go ahead and include all the information you need to, yet be careful not to clutter your card with unnecessary details. You want your clients to find the information they’re looking for at a glance.

How to upcycle your old cards

Once you’ve designed and printed a new batch of business cards, why not upcycle your old ones? Here are some great uses for outdated business cards or fun card crafts using the Tower business card sheets.

  • Bookmarks: Paint or collage over old business cards – or print a design onto new cards – and then punch a hole in one corner, attach a ribbon and use it to mark the page you plan to return to.
  • Gift tags: Paste a piece of wrapping paper over the existing business card print or print a new design, write your message on the blank side, punch a hole in one corner and use a piece of twine to attach the card to your gift.
  • Flashcards: Create your own set of flashcards to teach your pre-schooler or primary schooler the letters of the alphabet, numbers, first words or multiplication tables. Simply use a marker pen to write the relevant information on the blank side of the card if you are using an old business card and then jot the answer onto the reverse side.
  • Luggage Tags: Business cards tend to fit perfectly into luggage tag (and school bag) pockets, so simply write your name, address and contact number on the blank side of your old business cards and slot them into your luggage tag pockets.
  • Plant Markers: Glue your used business cards to popsicle sticks or kebab sticks and write the names of your plants on the blank side. Stick these into the relevant flower, herb or vegetable beds and they should last a season.

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