Does your office décor work for you?

First impressions count, especially when it comes to your office environment. A well-equipped and thoughtfully decorated work space enhances the wellbeing of your employees, echoes your company culture and sets the right tone when clients walk through the door.

Here are three simple tips for creating a stylish, professional and welcoming office space.

  1. Colour counts: 

A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to transform your office space. Think out of the cubicle when choosing your wall colours. Beige and grey may be safe choices, but do these dull hues reflect the heart and soul of your business?

As you would when designing a logo, select an office colour scheme that reflects your brand personality. If you want a calm work environment, go for soothing colours such as tranquil blues and natural greens. If you’re aiming for a more vibrant, high-energy office space, then go for a warm neutral tone with brighter accents in a sunny yellow, cheerful orange, pure red or lime green.

  1. Get the lighting right: 

A poorly lit office can affect your mood and even your vision in the long run. Let in some natural light to create a happy workspace, but make sure that you get the angle right. You don’t want to cause glare on your screens or have sunlight shining directly into anyone’s eyes.

Balance this natural glow with some overhead lighting that can be controlled with dimmer switches. This way, you can keep the quality of light constant at all times of day and during all seasons. It is also advisable to add some task lighting in areas where extra illumination is required. This could take the form of desk lamps or recessed lights placed under floating shelves.

  1. Stylish signage:

Well-designed signage adds a professional touch to any office and ensures that people can find their way around safely and easily, whether they are looking for the ladies or gents room, or making their way to the exit during a fire drill or emergency.

At Tower, we have a comprehensive range of office signage products including beautifully finished aluminium signs for rest rooms, private areas, stairwells and much more. Tower Aluminium Signs are 0.9mm thick and there are different themes and finishes to choose from to suit the unique look and feel of your business environment.

Tower also has a range of photoluminescent signs that keep your office space compliant with the law. These signs are printed on 1.2mm thick ABS -PST material and bear the SABS mark to comply with Fire/Safety Regulations (SA Building Regulation SABS 1186-5).

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