Fire and safety signs: are you in danger of non-compliance?

Many South African business owners are unaware of the fact that fire and safety signs must be displayed in all public places. This includes offices, shops, educational institutions and restaurants – irrespective of the establishment’s size.

In order to comply with Fire and Safety Regulations as well as SA Building Regulations, all safety signage must be made from SABS-approved photoluminescent materials with the SABS certification displayed clearly on the face of the sign. These signs also need to be framed aluminium which has the mechanical strength to withstand a fire and other emergency situations.

As fire inspections around South Africa increase in frequency, business owners are under pressure to ensure that their safety signage complies with these stringent guidelines. Illegal safety signs can result in business suspensions – or even worse, put the safety of your employees, clients and other building occupants at risk, with severe legal and financial consequences for you.

The risks associated with non-compliance include:

  • Criminal charges if any injuries or deaths occur in an emergency
  • Unpaid insurance claims if property is destroyed in a fire or other emergency
  • Business suspensions if you fail to pass random fire inspections

Do your signs comply?

Many hardware retailers across the country sell safety signs that seem legitimate but simply do not comply with the law – and would therefore never pass a fire or safety inspection. If you’re using cheap imitations and the incorrect fixing methods, you could be putting your staff and business in danger!

Are you breaking the law without realising it? You may have SABS-approved safety signs, but the way you display these could be non-compliant. According to SA building Regulations, all safety signs must be displayed in frames that have the mechanical strength required in a fire and other emergency situations. Additionally, these must be mounted on flat surfaces using corrosion protected nuts, bolts and washers. No double sided tape or silicon glue may be used, as these adhesives could fail in an emergency.

Trust Tower
For your convenience and peace of mind, Tower sells SABS-approved safety signs and the required aluminium frames so you can rest assured that your building, office or shop is compliant and safe for all occupants.

The law also requires safety signs to be visible at all times, especially in an emergency. Tower’s range of SABS-approved safety signs are produced in a photoluminescent material that glows in the dark when the power goes out or when smoke caused by a fire blocks the light. Our signs will glow for a at least 5 hours and 40 minutes ensuring occupants of the building can find their way to safety.

Don’t learn safety by accident. Trust Tower for SABS-approved safety signs and display solutions that are 100% compliant with the law. Save lives, save your business, contact Tower now.