Get crafty with photos

Here’s the perfect home DIY project for happy snappers and keen photographers!Photo crafts are a brilliant way to flex your creative muscles, update your interior décor and preserve your memories.

It is advisable not to use original photos. Rather scan these into your computer and use image-editing software to resize, crop, and change the colour if you like.

The next step is to find good quality photo paper for your home or office printer. Tower’s glossy Photo Quality Laser Paper  or Inkjet Paper is ideal for generating superb digital prints of your family snaps and artistic photographs.

Now you’re ready to get creative! Here’s some inspiration…

  1. New chapter for old books

Dust off old books that no-one reads anymore and turn them into interesting photo frames.  Using a ruler and pencil, mark a rectangle on the front cover and then cut it out using a craft knife. On the first page, mark a rectangle slightly smaller than that on the cover. Gather several dozen more pages, place the cutting board below these pages and cut through all pages on the lines marked on the first page. Repeat the process, making the opening smaller each time. Then print out and cut a photo to the size of the smallest opening and glue it on the page behind. Use craft glue to stick all the pages of the book together and brush decoupage glue around the edges of the cut pages.

  1. Window on your world

Trawl your local second-hand stores for timeworn window frames (with the glass intact) and turn these into family-sized photo frames. If you are lucky enough to find a cottage pane window, all you have to do is print your photos out to size and secure each photo into a pane with framers’ glazing points, available at crafts stores. Alternatively, you could create a collage of photos on a backing mat of the right size and secure this into a single-pane window frame.

  1. Upcycle old crockery

Transform your family photos into an intriguing wall arrangement by displaying them in vintage serving dishes. A combination of ceramic and silver looks beautiful. All you have to do is adjust your photo colours using image-editing software to match the colours of the crockery, print and cut them out, and mount them using double-stick archival tape, available at crafts and scrapbooking stores.

  1. Frames that stand the test of the time

To create a frame that has a function – make your own photo clock. If you have an old wall clock, remove the numbers and hands from the face, then size and print a photo, attach it with double-sided tape, and replace the hands. Another option is to mount the photo on an old cork placemat, drill a hole in the centre and attach a clock kit from the back.

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