Now available online: personalised labels for school that last in the wash

No matter how organised or responsible your child is, there’s a chance that you’ve been required to replace a few school items already this year – pieces of clothing, shoes, books, bags and lunchboxes that have gone missing and not found their way back to you through the lost property system.

When it comes to generic items, like uniforms, it is so easy for bits and pieces to get mixed up as kids change for afterschool sports, take their jerseys off on the playground or mix up their lunchboxes as they’re rushing to pack them away.

The solution is to label everything, of course. That said, however, not all labels are created equal and they often come unstuck and unravelled, or fade or go blurry in the wash. And do names written in permanent marker really go the distance, especially when school items are going through the washing machine or dishwasher almost daily?

MyTowerLabels is the solution to lost-lunchbox headaches and can’t-find-my-other-shoe-this- morning dramas. This easy-to-use website allows you to personalise and purchase your own school labels online in a few simple steps. These are then delivered directly (within3-4days) to your door via courier. How hassle-free is that?

This smart service offers a straightforward, reliable, comprehensive labelling solution for all your school stationery and uniform or clothing items. Get labels for books, stationery, clothing (iron on), shoes and bags – all made from high quality materials that are professionally printed and extremely durable. All labels (except for the book labels) are waterproof – and both dishwasher and washing machine safe, which means no more fading, blurring or peeling off after a few washes.

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