Staying healthy as the weather gets chilly

Winter’s damp, icy, windy weather makes more people vulnerable to colds, flu and other contagious viruses. One of the main reasons for this is that we tend to spend more time indoors, huddled up close to each other, which makes it easier for infections to be passed along. Here are some ideas on how to […]

Celebrating 50 years of experience, trust and innovation

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Pyrotec, a privately-owned and managed business that was established in 1966 and continues to offer products and services founded on a dedication to quality, operational reliability and service excellence. Today, Pyrotec has three brands operating under its ambit: Pyrotec PackMedia, Pyrotec PackMark and Tower. ‘We have come a long […]

10 uses for colour code labels

Add some colour to your day or get your affairs in order with the versatile range of Colour Code Labels from Tower. These user-friendly rolls of self-adhesive stickers are available in circles or rectangles, in a wide array of sizes and colours – making them ideal for a vast range of applications. Whether you want […]

How to be more organised at work

Many of us begin the year with the goal of being more organised and efficient at work. Then we dive into our inboxes only to surface weeks later realising that 2016 is already one

7 Road safety tips for the festive season

As a wise man named Earl Wilson once said, “A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking”. As the year draws to a close, most of us are dreaming about getting away from it all. Wherever you plan to go – even if it is no further […]

Spring clean your kitchen cupboards in 5 steps

While your kitchen cupboards may not house mouldy bread and other science projects – there comes a time every year (usually around spring) when most of us start feeling the need to cut down on clutter. Here is a 5-step plan for transforming your kitchen cupboards and shelves into a beautifully functional storage system. Unpack Remove […]