Prep for success with TOWER freezer labels

Have you been following the meal prepping trend on social media? Meal preppers set aside a few hours every week to prepare delicious, nutritious and cost-effective meals for several days in a row and then stack them neatly in their freezers. Often, meal preppers cook and store an entire week’s worth of meals in one go.

Imagine how much time, effort and money you could save with this smart meal planning tactic? Meal prepping is ideal for those days you work late, for times you’re juggling too many balls, or even for parents who want to feed their kids healthy, homemade food but struggle to find the time to cook from scratch every day.

You could also prep healthy lunches for work – so much better than grabbing a takeaway or eating toast for lunch, again.

Keen to try it? Here are three tips to get you started:

  • Make sure you have enough containers:
    These don’t need to be Instagram-worthy, just freezer safe. You could opt for freezer bags, lunchboxes or even recycled ice cream cartons, just be sure that each container is the size of one meal. You don’t want to defrost and refreeze.
  • Mix things up:
    While it is certainly quicker and easier to prep seven of the same meals, do you really want to eat the same thing for dinner Monday to Sunday? Where’s the joy in that? Rather prepare two or three different meals and alternate these.
  • Label your items:
    Once something is frozen, it is not always easy to remember what you have stored in the container. Is it lunch or dinner? Or leftovers from a few weeks ago? The last thing you want to do is defrost the wrong item and potentially waste it. Labelling your frozen goods is the perfect solution. Be sure to also record the date the item is prepped and frozen. This way, you’ll never risk consuming something that has been in the freezer too long. This is especially important if you’re meal prepping for babies and children.

TOWER freezer labels can be used to label your freezer bags, baby bottles and tupperware containers. You can write on them with a ballpoint pen and your label won’t smudge or fade. This is because the labels do not absorb moisture. They also adhere perfectly to already frozen items!

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