Say it with an ABS sign from TOWER

Signs play such a pervasive role in our day-to-day lives that most of us don’t even notice them, until they communicate something that we need to know.

Most days, we encounter signs that tell us whether to push or pull a door open, whether a shop is closed or open, where the rest rooms are located in a public space, where to park (or not to park), whether mobile phones are prohibited, and even whether a neighbour is using grey water to irrigate his lawn.

Some signs are informative while others contribute to the safety of the public. Some common examples of signs that keep us safe are “Beware of the Dog” signs on private residences, “No Entry” signs demarcating dangerous areas, or medical signs that indicate where first aid boxes are kept in the workplace. These signs quickly communicate the necessary information to assist in an emergency or prevent someone from putting themselves in danger.

If you own a business that caters to the public – such as a restaurant, shop or entertainment facility – you must display all the relevant signage that your customers may need, from showing them the difference between the ladies’, gents’ and physically challenged rest rooms, to identifying the designated smoking areas (if applicable).

Signs are a clear and concise way to communicate information your customers need to know. Choosing great quality, permanent signage and displaying this in highly visible areas will help to enhance the customer experience and make your guests feel that they are in a well- organised and professionally-run establishment.

Choosing the right signs

TOWER Signs provide a comprehensive range of signs that are printed on 0.9mm thick ABS material. These signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in businesses, schools, restaurants, shops or any other environment.

You can view our range of ABS signs on our website and visit this page for a list of stockists.