Signs for your grey water system or rain tank

As South Africa faces a growing water crisis, communities around the country have been forced to rethink the way that they use water.

In Cape Town, for example, inadequate rainfall and swiftly declining dam levels have led to a serious drought in the area. To preserve fast-dwindling water reserves, the Cape Town Department of Water & Sanitation recently rolled out new level 4b water restrictions, which include the following:

  • The hosing down of paved surfaces or washing of vehicles with municipal drinking water is prohibited.
  • No irrigation with municipal drinking water allowed.
  • A ban on new landscaping or the establishment of sports fields, except if irrigated only with non-drinking water.
  • No swimming pools or water features may use municipal drinking water, even if the pools are fitted with covers.

In this environment and across other drought-prone areas of the country, more households and businesses are introducing alternative water sources for irrigation, flushing toilets and other purposes. These sources include well points and boreholes, as well as systems for grey water re-use, and harvesting spring water and rain

Signage required for alternative water sources

It’s important to note that at all properties where these alternative water sources are used must display appropriate signage that explains there is non-potable water in use. This signage must be mounted in an area or on a surface that is clearly visible from a public thoroughfare. This helps to keep neighbours informed and also prevent water inspectors from issuing fines unnecessarily. These rules apply to both domestic and commercial properties.

Ensuring you have the right signage is important. In Cape Town, for instance, well points and boreholes need to be registered for environmental monitoring and research purposes. After registration, you will receive an official sign, free of charge, with a unique registration number on it.

Users of rain water or grey water (even if you are re-using bath or shower water to irrigate your lawn) are free to create or purchase any signs that clearly state you are using non-drinking water for irrigation.

Ready-made signs for your convenience

To make life a little easier, TOWER Signs has Grey Water and Tank Water signage available for you to buy – made from sturdy and easily legible ABS plastic material. Our signs are highly durable and suitable for outdoor use, which makes them ideal for homes, businesses, restaurants, schools and any other type of property.

Our “Grey Water in Use” sign is 150mm x 150mm, while the “Tank Water in Use” sign is 190mm x 190mm. These options are both lightweight and easy to mount on any surface.

For more information, to view the signs or to find out how to buy them, click HERE: