Staying healthy as the weather gets chilly

Winter’s damp, icy, windy weather makes more people vulnerable to colds, flu and other contagious viruses. One of the main reasons for this is that we tend to spend more time indoors, huddled up close to each other, which makes it easier for infections to be passed along.

Here are some ideas on how to ward off winter bugs and create a healthier environment at home
and at work.

  1. Wash your hands

Cleaning your hands often – especially when you have been in a public space like an office, shopping centre or at school – can help to protect you from catching a virus. It is essential that you wash thoroughly with soap and water, and that you use a disposable towel or a freshly laundered one. The last thing you want is to spread germs onto your beautifully clean hands from an overused towel!

  1. Reward your kids’ healthy behaviour

We all know how tricky it can be to convince some young children to wash their hands, eat their fruit and veggies, or dress warmly. (There are many 3-year- olds out there who firmly believe that summery princess dresses are ideal for stormy days.)

One way to motivate little ones is to use a star chart for these health-promoting activities. There is a selection of reward charts in the Tower kids range which make this process so easy. You can incentivise your child further by offering a special treat, such as a trip to the aquarium, when they have accumulated a certain number of stars. This number will depend on your child’s age and personality!

  1. Stock up on virus-fighting supplements

While you probably eat more foods containing Vitamin C during flu season, the mineral Zinc also helps to boost the immune system. You’ll find this cold-fighting mineral in food such as meat, seafood and wheat germ. If you’re struggling to find a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables during the coldest months, it may be a good idea to invest in a multivitamin supplement. This will help to enhance your overall feeling of wellbeing.

  1. Organise your first aid box

The start of a new season is the perfect time to clear out and reorganise your first aid box at the office or medicine cabinet at home. Do some decluttering by checking all the ‘best by’ or ‘use before’ dates on your remedies and throwing away those that are past their no longer safe to use. This will make it much easier to find the item or ointment you need when you’re feeling under the weather or involved in a minor medical emergency. You may want to label your first aid box or some of the items in it. Tower makes it possible for you to design and print your own labels using free templates.

  1. Disinfectant spray

At least once a week, schedule a time for employees to spray everything they touch with disinfectant spray to kill the flu virus on surfaces. The flu virus can live up to three days depending on the type of surface and the moisture level in the environment, and places that are rarely cleaned are much more likely to host viruses.

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