Unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with romance, roses, chocolates, teddy bears and cards that express our feelings for the ones we love. This year, why don’t you add something new to the mix?

Here are three fun and creative ways to celebrate this special day with your favourite person – or a new crush. But before you begin planning the details, send an invitation to your Valentine, providing a time and place to meet. TOWER has a great range of Valentine’s-themed downloadables that you could use if you’re too pressed for time to design this from scratch.

Memory Treasure Hunt

This is a treasure hunt that leads your loved one between places that have a special meaning in your relationship, because they remind you of good times you’ve shared. You could set it up at home, in your garden or around your neighbourhood. The treasure at the end could be your Valentine’s Day gift, a table set with a dinner for two, or anything else you can imagine. Have fun writing cryptic clues – or if you’re a more visual person, take photos of each hiding place and use these as clues. Your photos can be easily and affordably printed at home using TOWER Photo Quality Paper in either matt or gloss.

Mason Jar Picnic

Treat your partner, mom or best friend to a stylish mason jar picnic somewhere beautiful. If you’re a whizz in the kitchen, you could prepare your own salads, dips, spreads and pickles, and serve these in mason jars – or any glass jars you have recycled. Take along a few extra empty jars and use these as tea-light candle holders to up the romance factor. You can design and print your own custom-made label for each jar with TOWER’s Inkjet Laser Label Range. Choose your template, download it, print it and attach it to the jar – it’s as simple as that.

Paper Craft Evening

As Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” If you love crafting, share this passion with a loved one or close friend on Valentine’s Day. Being creative together is fun and can often be a memorable bonding experience. So, treat yourself to some paper crafting goodies from the TOWER range and get creative! TOWER is launching a new range of Self-adhesive Valentine’s Hearts, offering a lovely mix of colours in one pack. These cute stickers are perfect for crafting and they’re also right on theme! TOWER Stars are another must-have for any crafting activity. And if you’re keen to keep things neat and tidy, why not try TOWER’s Adhesive Dots, as a convenient alternative to glue and staples?

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