Label Printing Made Easy

Printing labels no longer needs to be a frustrating task.  With Tower’s comprehensive range of labels, suited for all printers, label printing is easy.

The extensive range of A4 labels, available in thirty different sizes, allows you the flexibility to design and print your own inkjet labels and laser labels for almost any occasion. You can exercise a bit of creativity by personalising the labels for office use, gifts, household items, CD’s and more.

The printing possibilities are endless, from standard mailing to media labels, Tower has the perfect size for you. The only limitation is your imagination.

To ensure perfect print results, Tower offers free label templates to customers. These templates are available as a download from the website, the templates are automatically installed onto your existing word-processing or design software, or, if requested, Tower will send the templates to customers on CD. Tower templates are available for all major software programs. Microsoft Word 6 and up, CorelDRAW 8 and up for PC, CorelDRAW 8 for MAC, Corel WordPerfect 7 and up, Corel PrintOffice, Lotus WordPro 2000 and Freehand for Mac.

Printing the labels is the easiest part. You do not need a specialised printer. Tower inkjet-laser labels are fully compatible with copiers, inkjet and laser printers, and have been tested with leading printer brands including H.P, Lexmark, Canon and many others.

Still Battling?

If you have any problems either finding or using these labels, give us a call on our toll free Consumer Helpline, 0800 220 488 for assistance or click here for answers to frequently asked label printing questions.

See our complete range and see how Tower can continue to make your life easier.