How to Access Tower Templates in Word 2007 and upwards


Thank you for your request. Follow the easy instructions below to start printing your Tower Labels.

How to use Tower’s Label Templates in Microsoft Word 2007/2010:

 Open a New Word Document:

  • Step 1:     In the Mailings Tab at the top of the screen click on Labels
  • Step 2:     Click on Options
  • Step 3:     Next to Label Vendors select ‘Tower’; in the next box select the Label you wish to use (e.g.W101), click on the ‘OK’ button.
  • Step 4:     Click on New Document. Type in your details and once completed click on print.

 When you are ready to print, check the following to avoid alignment problems:

Ensure your page is set to ‘No Spacing”:

  • Click on the Home Tab in your Word document.
  • Click on “No Spacing” in the “Styles” toolbar at the top of your page

Ensure your printer is set to A4:

  • Click on the Start Button (bottom left of your screen) & select Devices & Printers or Printers & Faxes
  • Right Click on your default printer, select Printing Preferences and make sure that all paper sizes are set on A4.
  • Then select Printer Properties (also after right clicking on your default printer) and check that all paper sizes are selected on A4; nothing should be on Letter or Default.

You are now ready to print your labels.

Enjoy the use of Tower A4 labels. Should you have any further queries, please let us know.