Winter Tips

Winter is here and it is quite an adjustment for outdoorsey South Africans to now be spending more time indoors to escape the rain or cold! If you are struggling to think of ideas to keep you, your friends and family occupied, here are our top 10 tips:

Light a fire and play board games!                           

Stay warm by the fire, turn the T’V off and interact with those around you!

Enjoy an indoor braai!  

South Africa’s national pastime, nothing like sitting around the braai while it pours with rain outside!

Finish that holiday scrapbook you never get to!

You know the one! You’ve been meaning to but you just never get there, all the while the facts are fading and you know you are going to regret it one day when you want to share your memories!

Throw a themed party!

A murder mystery party is a great way to stay warm inside while trying to solve a case of whodunit!

Try new recipes out on your friends:      

Dig out those recipes that you have been dying to try, invite your friends over and test them out.

Make contact:

Catch up on all those emails you have been promising your friends overseas or better yet spend some time on Skype catching up with the ones you love.

DIY – Take on a design project:

Sick of that room that needs a new look? Been meaning to paint those kitchen cupboards? Now’s the time to make them fabulous!

Spring” Clean:

Go through your cupboards and clear out all the clothing and items you don’t need (apply: if I haven’t used it in a year I don’t need it) and donate it to a worthy charity to add winter warmth to the heart.

Plan your summer holiday:

Enough said!

Take advantage of the winter specials:

If staying in is getting too much then get out and enjoy the many accommodation and restaurant specials available in winter!