The benefits of water play in early childhood

Early childhood is a crucial stage in both psychological and physical development, which is why it is imperative that parents and caretakers seize every possible chance for learning. One of these opportunities for learning that frequently goes unappreciated is water play. Here are some ways supervised water play will help your child’s development. Social and

Help your child to bounce back

Every little person has the potential to live a happy and fulfilling life. Even when the going gets tough, if your child is equipped with resilience, he or she is likely to bounce back after experiencing adversity. This could be as simple as coping with a spilled milkshake or as complex as asking for help

The magic of music

Here’s some news that will be music to most parents’ ears: musical play is not only fun, but also good for your child’s brain development. A recent study at the University of Southern California’s Brain and Creativity Institute revealed that musical experiences in childhood can speed up brain development, particularly in relation to language and

Homework can be fun

The new year is forging ahead and we all have so much on our plates that the last thing we feel like dealing with at the end of a long day are homework hassles. But take heart, it is possible to turn homework time into quality time and have lots of fun along the way.

Happy Travelling with TOWER kids

The long summer holidays are fast approaching and most of us are ready to wind down, kick back and enjoy some time out with family. If you’ve planned the perfect escape miles from the daily grind, you’re no doubt looking forward to recharging your batteries. But, you may also be a little nervous about travelling

Countdown to Christmas with TOWER kids

The year is whizzing to its close and the long summer break will be upon us before we can blink! Unless you’re booked on a busy holiday away, most parents – especially working moms and dads – will be looking for ways to keep their littlies safely and constructively busy as the countdown to Christmas

Lay a foundation for learning STEM subjects

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, or ‘STEM subjects’ as they are known, are becoming increasingly important in schools, especially as populations expand, numbers of learners per class grow, and competition grows globally. Teachers these days need innovative technological solutions to teach each child more effectively, especially in large class situations. As parents, we need to

Build your child’s self-esteem through play

“A child’s bucket of self-esteem must be filled so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry.” – Alvin Price A positive self-image is a wonderful characteristic to grow up with. Young children with high self-esteem feel loved, appreciated and capable, which helps to create a strong foundation

Fun science for toddlers

Collecting beetles, watering the garden, spotting rainbows and blowing bubbles are all activities that introduce your toddler to basic scientific concepts through play. At Tower kids, we believe that no child is ever too young to enjoy the wonderful world of science – provided this also involves lashings of fun and some quality time with

7 ways to make dad’s day

When your kids are little, Father’s Day holds a special magic. It’s a day that children can express their love for dad by making messy breakfasts in bed, heartfelt cards and other gifts that little fingers and minds are capable of creating. So, in the spirit of keeping it simple and full of love, here