7 ways to make dad’s day

When your kids are little, Father’s Day holds a special magic. It’s a day that children can express their love for dad by making messy breakfasts in bed, heartfelt cards and other gifts that little fingers and minds are capable of creating.

So, in the spirit of keeping it simple and full of love, here are ten easy and kiddie-friendly ways to make every moment of Father’s Day count.

  1. Crafty gifts
    Why not encourage your child to develop his or her fine motor skills while making a cool gift for dad? Tower kids has plenty of fun, educational craft kits to choose from. In addition to making a keepsake for Father’s Day, these activities also help to strengthen your child’s hand and finger muscles through the repetitive use of various types of important finger grasps and hand postures.
  1. Photo collage
    Gather all your family photos (make copies if you can); and get your little ones involved in creating a photo collage of the best moments that they have spent with dad. Include snaps from family holidays, weekend braais, birthdays and all the other times that you’ve enjoyed together. Once you have arranged your collage, paste your photos onto a thick piece of cardboard and frame it for safekeeping.
  1. Treats for a week
    Make Father’s Day last longer by doing one nice thing for dad every day for a week. You could give dad a weekly planner from Tower kids that has a special treat planned for every day – like coffee and rusks in bed, a foot rub, washing his car and so forth. This planner is magnetic and sticks easily to a fridge, but also has double-sided tape so that it can adhere to other surfaces of choice.
  1. DIY card
    A home-made card will really brighten dad’s day, especially if your little ones include some extra sparkles. With a glitter art activity pack from Tower kids, it is so easy for children to make beautiful images with glitter that can be turned into eye-catching cards. Another option is a dot-a-picture pack from the same range, which is also a great way to teach children accuracy, coordination and patience.
  1. Spend time together
    Encourage your child to make an appointment with dad to spend some special one-on-one time together. Kick a ball around, go for a walk or get involved in a fun activity at home, like making magic snow or glow monsters from the Tower kids Little Scientist range.
  2. Bath-time message
    If dad comes home around bath-time, help your little ones to write a surprise message for him on the bathroom wall using these colourful EVA foam letters and numbers from the Tower kids range that stick to the bath tiles when wet. You could also draw a picture with these easy to wipe clean bath crayons from the Tower kids Splash & Learn range.
  1. Family games night
    End your day on a fun note. Get comfortable in the lounge or around the dining room table and play your dad’s favourite kiddie-friendly board game or another type of group game like charades or even hide and seek (depending on the age of your children). This is not only an ideal opportunity to teach your child some valuable life skills, but also gives the family a chance to feel more connected in a light-hearted and interactive setting.

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