How to throw a budget-friendly birthday party

Remember the days when kiddies’ birthday parties were simple? All kids and parents expected was a homemade cake, a few bowls of sweets and chips, a bunch of balloons and a game of pass the parcel or musical chairs?

Nowadays, when you add up the cost of themed party décor, a designer cake, mountains of treats, party packs stuffed to the brim, a magician, a face painting station and a jumping castle – the typical child’s birthday party can put a serious strain on the household budget!

While you want your birthday boy or girl to have a blast, it’s important to remember that small children are actually extremely easy to please! With a little imagination and clever planning, it is still possible to throw an amazing child’s birthday party without breaking the bank.

Here are some ideas:

  • Go easy on the theme 
    Choose a party theme that will capture kids’ imaginations yet require minimal investment in terms of décor and paraphernalia. Instead of going for a popular TV character, opt for something easy to pull off such as pirates, fairies or wild animals (or even your little one’s favourite colour). Tower kids has some cute, ready-to-use invitations and thank you notes.


  • Ditch the designer cake
    It is much more cost-effective to bake your own cake or cupcakes. If your baking always flops, ask a talented granny, neighbour or friend for help. Another option is to buy ready-made vanilla or chocolate muffins from an affordable bulk baked goods outlet and decorate them with your own buttercream icing and sprinkles – birthday cupcakes in a flash!


  • Save on venue hire
    Instead of hiring a venue, have your party at home. If you have limited space, arrange a party at your local park or ask a friend of family member if you can use their home for the afternoon. (Just be sure to help to pack away precious items ahead of time and clean up thoroughly after the party.)


  • DIY entertainment
    There really is no need to have a puppet show, jumping castle, balloon animal sculptor and travelling petting zoo at your kid’s party. Why not rather set up your own craft station to keep the kids busy while they flex their fine motor skills? Tower kids has a great range of affordable sand art, glitter art and sparkle mosaic activity kits – you can even choose a selection that matches your party theme.


  • Budget party packs
    Instead of wasting cash on filling themed gift bags or buckets with sweets, chocolates, chips and toys, rather keep it simple. Buy plain brown paper bags, decorate them with stickers and fill them with a balloon for blowing up later, a small toy and some homemade biscuits or brownies.

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