Motivating kids to help with housework 

Most toddlers love ‘helping’ mom and dad around the house. Then they turn four or five and their fascination with cleaning and tidying disappears as quickly as an ice cream on a hot day.

We all know the value in teaching a young child how to do their fair share of household chores. Not only do they make lighter work for the rest of the family, but they grow up with a healthy sense of responsibility.

Here are three tips for inspiring your kids to complete their chores:

  1. Better together

It’s boring to pack away the clean laundry on your own, but paired with a parent who makes the experience fun; most children will see the chore as a way to spend quality time with you. Working together also teaches kids better cleaning skills and enables you to supervise the process and provide gentle advice before they lose interest.

  1. Age-appropriate tasks

Child prodigies aside, most parents can’t expect their 4-year-olds to mow the lawn, iron school uniforms or wash fragile dishes. Ensure the tasks that you set for your child are suited to their age and ability level. Setting the table, making their bed in the morning and packing away toys are all ideal tasks for younger children.

  1. Reward hard work

Everyone needs a little motivation to get the job done, so consider doling out small rewards, such as stickers or gold stars, for each chore completed on time. The Tower kids range of Reward Charts are a wonderful way for parents to list tasks, keep track of progress and reward your little one for a job well done. These serve as a reminder for what needs to be done when, without you having to nag.

If your child is in the pre-reading phase, why not let him or her draw pictures to symbolise each task? This helps to gain a better understanding of what tasks need to be done. Your child will also be more invested when it comes to updating the star chart the following week or month (depending on your chore schedule).

Pinning a reward chart up on the wall enables children to track their progress and reminds them that their hard work is appreciated. Once a certain number of stars have been accumulated (agree on this goal beforehand) – you could give your child a larger reward, like a trip to the aquarium or a meal at their favourite restaurant.

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