TOWER Kids Learning Guide for Parents

Tower kids has specifically developed and designed products to stimulate your children and encourage learning. Each product has been tested to ensure the best quality and safety for your child. Use our guide below to choose the products that best suit your child’s development needs. Fine Motor Skills: These skills involve the small muscles of the

Fun, two, three: learning numerical skills through play

“As modern-day adults, we need to remind ourselves that our children also have full-time jobs. Their work is to play and it’s a highly-skilled occupation that we need to encourage and nurture.”  — Chantel Nortje, Physiotherapist with special interest in Paediatrics. When they’re young, kids learn best through play. Instead of making number recognition and

Tips for a clutter-free 2017

The Summer holidays are now a happy memory. New work projects and the kids’ busy routines can be quite a challenge to manage. It can feel at times as if you’re juggling a dozen supersonic balls. Having a well-organised and clutter-free home, apart from being a new year’s goal for many, is essential for keeping

How to beat back to school bedlam

We are well into the first month of 2017 and many parents will be dealing with the excitement (and stress) of the new school year. Whether your child is adjusting to a new teacher, a new school or a new routine, there’s no doubt you have a lot more than usual on your plate. There

Keeping kids (relatively) germ-free

Young children love to explore, get their hands dirty and put almost anything into their mouths. When you pair this level of curiosity with a young immune system that is still developing, it’s not surprising that many toddlers and pre-schoolers fall ill quite a few times in a year. While no parent – no matter

Is your child being bullied?

Most parents know that bullying is a serious issue. However, many don’t realise that it can start at a very young age, sometimes even in the nursery school years. At this stage, bullying behaviour is often dismissed as ‘just kids being kids’, but it is actually never acceptable for one child to repeatedly hurt another.

How to throw a budget-friendly birthday party

Remember the days when kiddies’ birthday parties were simple? All kids and parents expected was a homemade cake, a few bowls of sweets and chips, a bunch of balloons and a game of pass the parcel or musical chairs? Nowadays, when you add up the cost of themed party décor, a designer cake, mountains of

Family time tips

Our lifestyles are so busy that many moms and dads struggle to find time to cook dinner and get through bath time, leaving precious few minutes to play with our kids. Despite our full schedules, however, it is important to carve out some quality family time on a regular basis. For many parents, family time

Parenting in the technology age

As technology advances at breakneck speed, parents are faced with the challenge of how to manage the amount of screen time their children are exposed to. How much is too much? In fact, should young children be using television, tablets and smartphones at all? Children learn through play and it is best when they stimulate

Turning the bathroom into a classroom

For many moms and dads, bath time is about more than just washing away the tomato sauce, grime and glitter that tends to find its way onto your child during the day. It is an opportunity to chat to your little one and enjoy some relaxing (or playful) time together. One of the best things