Parenting in the technology age

As technology advances at breakneck speed, parents are faced with the challenge of how to manage the amount of screen time their children are exposed to. How much is too much? In fact, should young children be using television, tablets and smartphones at all?

Children learn through play and it is best when they stimulate as many senses as possible. In some ways, technology can be beneficial for children. For instance, young kids can develop their hand-eye coordination by playing interactive games on a device; and they can learn about animals, plants and insects by watching an educational programme that they may not have a chance to encounter in their immediate surroundings.

That said, screen time also has negative consequences. In a recent article published on Carte Blanche’s website, Occupational Therapist and CEO of Clamber Club Liz Senior noted that too much technology can lead to:

  • Low muscle tone and weak core muscle development, gross motor problems and obesity.
  • Poor problem-solving skills, limited lateral thinking ability, lack of imagination and concentration issues.
  • Social problems such as weak interpersonal skills, impatience and a constant need for instant gratification.

Hours in front of a screen mean less time for your children to play games or do activities that use their body and shoulder muscles to encourage the development of their fine motor skills. It is therefore important that parents limit screen time and rather focus on activities that do not involve technology – such as playing a family ball game, baking together or enjoying arts and crafts.

Tower kids has a range of art and craft activity kits, such as sand art and foam mosaic, that are designed to help strengthen children’s hand and finger muscles by facilitating the repetitive use of various types of important finger grasps and hand postures over a prolonged time to enhance fine motor skills. They also provide moms and dads with a relaxed and fun way to spend quality time with their kids.

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