Rainy day activities for kids

Jumping in puddles may be your child’s favourite wet-weather game, but there comes a time when you have to coax little ones into a warmer, drier space and occupy them with a less muddy activity.

As we tackle the tail-end of winter, many moms and dads are running out of ideas for keeping boredom at bay on indoor days, especially those who are keen to limit screen time.

Whether you want to keep your kids out of your hair for a few hours or spend some quality family time with them, here are three ways to beat the rainy day blues.

  1. Hunt for treasure 

A wonderful way to keep kids busy without having to keep them stationary is to organise a treasure hunt around the house. All it takes is some paper, a pen, a few small toys or treats as prizes – and your imagination, of course.

Aim to write at least five clues to hiding spots around the home. If you can get these to rhyme, all the better! Begin by reading out the first clue, which leads to the hiding place of the second clue, which hints at the location of the third clue, and so forth. You can choose to hide smaller treasures with each clue or rather save all the loot for the final hiding place – and don’t forget to give each child a small basket or bag to collect their goodies in.

  1. Put on your baking aprons 

Letting kids loose in the kitchen can be a messy experience, but it also makes for hours of amusement, especially if you set the table and invite some favourite toys (or neighbours) over for freshly-baked treats.

If you adopt a relaxed attitude and let your little chefs do all the flour sifting, egg cracking, milk pouring and spoon licking, they are likely to get more enjoyment out of the experience – and help out with the cleaning up afterwards!

  1. Get crafty

When your children are ready to settle in for a few hours of creative fun – Tower kids have a superb range of educational activity-based products. There is something for every bored boy and girl, from sand and glitter art kits to mosaic by numbers. These are designed to keep kids (and parents) entertained while encouraging young minds to master new fine motor, problem solving, numerical and creative skills.

A great idea is to collect some of these activities and stash them away in a rainy day drawer or box, so they’re handy when the clouds roll in.

For more ideas, advice and hours of fun, visit towerproducts.co.za/tower-kids/.