Turning the bathroom into a classroom

For many moms and dads, bath time is about more than just washing away the tomato sauce, grime and glitter that tends to find its way onto your child during the day. It is an opportunity to chat to your little one and enjoy some relaxing (or playful) time together.

One of the best things about the bath is that it is very wet and therefore a screen-free area. Very few families have a television in the bathroom and it is generally unwise to bring a tablet or smartphone into the splash zone. Without any distractions, this is the ideal time for you to connect with your child and encourage him or her to learn new skills.

​In 2014, Johnson & Johnson surveyed over 3,500 parents worldwide and found that a staggering 84% of moms and dads say that bath time is some of the most precious quality time that they are able to spend with their children.

Ways to splash and learn

While you’re busy washing behind those ears and getting bubbles all over your clothes, here are some fun activities to enjoy with your child that double up as learning opportunities. Go on, take advantage of the fact that for a few minutes, your busy toddler or pre-schooler is sitting in one place – a rare occurrence!

  • Teaching ABCs and 123s

When your child begins to show an interest in numbers and letters, Tower kids has a range of colourful numbers and letters that are made from EVA foam, which stick to bath tiles when wet. This is an ideal way to encourage the development of your child’s numerical skills and increase his or her familiarity with the alphabet in a playful way.

  • Mess-free scribbling

Your children may not be allowed to draw on walls and furniture, but with our bath time crayons, they can express their creativity on your bathroom tiles without you having to worry about how you’re going to clean up their artwork. Let little imaginations run wild with these easy to wipe clean bath crayons! Best of all, scribbling encourages the development of your child’s fine motor skills by strengthening the small muscles in the fingers, hands and wrists.

  • Encourage musical talent

If your children love singing in the bath, why not extend their repertoire with Tower’s floating Water Xylophone and Water Flutes? These splash-friendly instruments encourage your kids to experiment with sound; and thanks to the easy-to- follow, colour-coded music sheets, they’ll even learn how to play a tune or two.

  • Get creative juices flowing

With Tower’s Fancy Dress Up Kit, your child can play dolly dress-up with a selection of outfits and accessories to choose or mix and match from. For your convenience, everything comes in a special bag for neat storage in the bathroom.